Summer school of film and photography “Natural Phenomena”

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The participants will be able to take part in any of the workshops and lectures offered, and will create their own work based on the techniques and creative impulses obtained in the process. Three of the four workshops will focus on analog film and photography; however, the participants will be free to use their preferred medium and technique. The event will conclude with a public presentation of the created works in Rucka park and manor on Sunday 9 August.

The summer school will explore the fascinating natural world and its creatures around us, offering creative inspiration and new skills through four different mini workshops (both photography and analogue film) and guest lectures and discussions with invited biologists, entomologists, environmental scientists, writers and more!

The number of participants will be limited to 30 (countries with no current Covid travel restrictions to Latvia), selected based on submitted applications.

The Summer School is organised by ISSP and Baltic Analog Lab, in cooperation with Rucka Artist Residency. The event is supported by Cēsis District council and State Culture Capital Foundation.