A group of international artists spent spring 2021 living and working on the premises of Rucka Artist Residency where they contemplated on the history and daily life of Cesis, matters of ecology and natural resources, as well as the Rucka manor house and park as self-sufficient units. The fruits of the artists’ labour are now on display in an open-air exhibition Hidden Treasures.

The themes of the works reveal lesser known or neglected facts, and hidden treasures. Finding the pieces is an exciting adventure in itself, as they’re scattered throughout the park. Though located in the center of Cesis, Rucka park is still a little known gem worth discovering.

Albert Allgaier (AT)

Tjorven Bruyneel (BE)

Viktorija Eksta (LV)

Laura Fiorio (IT/DE)

Indra Gleizde (LV/NL)

Gruppe Uno Wien (AT)

Rabota (BE/RUS)

Ieva Saulīte (LV)

Aleks Slota (PL/USA/DE)

Sabīne Šnē (LV)

Charlotte Thömmes (DE)

Artūrs Lūriņš (LV)