Cesis Pluriversity held its first summer school “Geography, Design, Philosophy”

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From 10 to 16 of August Cesis Pluriversity invited the summer school participants to re-think and evaluate stereotypes about learning and studying, in order to develop a plan for Cesis Pluriversity for the next study year and an offer for different lectures and assignments for the students of Cesis Pluriversity.

During the summer school, the relationships between learning, studying, and what opportunities the future will bring were sought and analysed, not only from Latvian perspective, but also with input form lecturers from Peru, the United States and Australia. This was done by listening to different views of geographers, designers, philosophers, writers, architects and educators. The summer school participants were invited to collectively re-imagine the higher education formed by global context and focused on issues of local importance. Thus developing a critical content proposal and building a location based education with preconditions for the development of sustainable, self-sufficient and alternative economic, social and cultural education model. At the end of the summer school, a study plan was developed for the next year for Cesis Pluriversity, with an offer for lectures and assignments.