Michael McLaughlin (Ireland)

Since the mid-1990s Michael McLoughlin has consistently developed and presented new ways of making contemporary artwork in social contexts. Within the last 2 years alone he has made site specific audio work in Limerick (Cumann: An Audio Map of Limerick, Limerick City Gallery of Art 2016), Drogheda (Cumann, Droichead Art Centre, 2016& as part of […]

Anna Kuznetsova (Russia)

Anna Kuznetsova is a Russian photographer based in St.Petersbourg. At Rucka Artist Residency Anna continued working on her project “Never Never Land”, which is dedicated to discovering an inner equilibrium in a modern society that seems to be changing too fast and demanding too much. It started as a personal documentary at Michael Ackerman ISSP […]

Iveta Gabaliņa (Latvia)

Iveta Gabaliņa (ex Vaivode, 1979) is a Latvian photographer who has studied photography at Andrejs Grants’ studio, the Bournemouth Arts Institute and Aalto University in Helsinki. She has received several awards in international photography competitions – the Nikon Discovery Award (UK) and Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed (UK) in 2008. In 2012, her series Somewhere on […]

Vita Malahova (Latvia/Italy)

Vita Malahova is educated as a physical theatre performer and her theater tradition comes from group work and improvisation theatre. In 2016 she graduated at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri with the Bachelor of Physical Theater (CH). The same year she took part in StilleWasser Kollektiv with whom she performed an adaptation of “Antigone – Fragments […]

Hugo Nascimento (Brasil)

Hugo Nasciemento (1988, Belém, Amazon) is a visual artist, musician, and art-educator. He started his researches of photographic language at 2007 with pinhole cameras and handmade ways. Between 2009-2016 he was at the Federal University of Pará, during this time he contributed to Extension [Hybrids Territories-2011] and scientific projects [Routes of the Image in Contemporary […]

Sanne Kabalt (The Netherlands)

Over the last years Sanne has been working on an extensive project on expressing illness and pain through language, gesture, movement and sound, which was also focus of her work at Rucka Artist Residency. Language has a complicated relationship with the ill. The sick long for a diagnosis, to give themselves at least something to […]

Sonia Lee (USA)

Sonia Lee completed her undergraduate and master’s studies at McGill University in Montreal, and holds a Doctor of Musical Arts in Performance and Literature from the University of Illinois, where she took additional doctoral work in Musicology and Library and Information Science. A performer on pianos of all periods, harpsichord, clavichord, and organ with a versatile […]

Kristine Mifsud (Canada)

Kristine Mifsud (Canada) is an artist from Toronto, Canada. Her work and methodology considers unidentifiable found objects, materials, structural forms and context, or lack of context. Her process is intuitive, embracing the unknowing of the objects that inform her work, and working through the considerations afforded by this not knowing. Kristine received a Bachelor in […]

Georgy Elaev (Russia)

Georgy Elaev (Russia) is a zine artist who has been working and publishing his work in KUSH magazine in Latvia. During the residency Georgy worked on his project “Lost and found in Latvia” – a series of graphic stories about Latvia in comics journalism genre. Georgy also held a workshop on zine creation to the […]

MaryAnn Loo (Singapore)

MaryAnn Loo and her “The Forgotten Dream Tree” project is a commentary on how we “forget” our dreams by choosing the “easier” and “more convenient” path of following the crowd and the norm, like how we use and discard disposables. MaryAnn work in mural technique and since 2017 she is working on a project “100 […]

Sarah Pannell (Australia)

Sarah Pannell (1988) is an Australian visual artist whose work concerns culture, landscape, tradition and community. Sarah received a BA International Studies from Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia (2009) and a BA Photography, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia (2012). Sarah is the recipient of the British Journal of Photography’s 2017 Send Anywhere Award. Her project is based on interest in […]

Andrii Dostliev (Poland)

During the residency Andrii Dostliev continued his ongoing visual research on queer identity issues as seen through the vernacular photography editing practices. This research is based on the archive of altered amateur photographs (containing several thousand entries so far, mostly coming from Central and Eastern Europe, catalogued and tagged), which Dostliev started assembling in early […]