Zane Cerpina/ Stahl Stenslie  (Latvia/Norway)

Zane Cerpina (Norway/Latvia) is Oslo based artist working within emerging media, focusing on the themes of the Anthropocene, environmental awareness, ecological criticism, interactive technologies and embodied  experiences. She is educated in Art and Technology at Aalborg University, Denmark. She has recently presented her works and taken part in such international venues as ISEA (CA, HK), Dark […]

Zulema Galeano (Spain)

Zulema Galeano, visual artist (Born in Barcelona). Her interests are related to art since she is a little girl. She has studied Advertisement and Public Relations at the University Autonomous of Barcelona, Illustration in La Llotja Arts School and Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, with specialty in painting. She has published several children […]

Monika Zabel (New York/Germany)

Monika Zabel, a fashion designer based in New York and Hamburg was staying for two months as a resident of RUCKA in Cesis to develop her new collection and exhibition, Urban Pilgrims – Positions in Advanced Fashion. The exhibition were on Cesis Exhibition hall  October 24 – November 5, 2017. She  created a one of its […]

Alan Gignoux (United Kingdom)

Alan Gignoux (Great Britain) is a multimedia artist that uses portrait and abstract photography, video and sound (interviews) to allow people to bring awareness to socio political and environmental issues. Artist says: „My work has not brought a landslide of change but has changed perceptions, person-by-person; community-by-community that could bring about that landslide”. Alan Gignoux has […]

Carol Müller (France)

Carol Müller is a visual artist from France. In her artist statement she writes : « Obsessively bound to painting and its synthetic expression, my path as a French visual artist has developed in dialogue with numerous other disciplines. My artistic production is polymorphous; it encompasses drawing and photography as well as installation and new […]

Delphine Wibaux (France)

Delphine Wibaux is a young  French artist. Her works connect up photography, installation, sometimes performance and sound. Living in Marseille, she proposes some pieces of art alone and also duet known as Todèl. In Cesis, she was developing the third step of a bigger project began in 2016. This one, located between anthropology, photography and nature, is linked […]

Valentyn Odnoviun (Lithuania/Ukraine)

Valentyn Odnoviun (Lithuania/Ukraine) is photographer born in 1987 in Ukraine. Graduated from Vilnius Art Academy (Master of Photography). In 2014, he obtained a scholarship for studies in Lithuania from the Education Exchange Support Foundation. In 2015, he was selected to study at the Lodz Art Academy under the Erasmus programme. In 2016, he enrolled in […]

Daniel Rydh / Anna Sörenson (Sweden)

Daniel Rydh and Anna Sörenson (Sweden) have worked as an artist duo since 2014. Artists build site-specific installations centered on nature and architecture. They create temporary installation in nature, a project  called ”Environmental Ephemerals”, and permanent installation both in commercial venues and public spaces. Artists  work site specific, looking for the characteristics of the milieu […]

Ulvi Haagensen (Estonia/Australia)

Ulvi Haagensen (Estonia/Australia) is a visual artist. She was born in Sydney, Australia and trained as a visual artist in Sydney. Now she lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia. Ulvi Haagensen has been exhibiting since 1990. Her work straddles the grey area between drawing, sculpture and illusion, and focuses on the everyday and the domestic.  Ulvi […]