Apply to LCCA Summer School ‘Error?!’

Rucka artist residency LCCA error 2016 (1)On June 11 – 16 at Rucka Artist Residency, Cēsis, the third Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art Summer School “Error?!” will take place. Artists, art critics, curators, theoreticians of art and other fields as well culture project managers are invited to apply.

The theme of the 2016 edition Error?! focuses on the role of erring in thinking and art. Among the subjects of discussion will be slowness as a conscious strategy in cinema and contemporary art; absurd and nonsense in literature and visual art; buffoonery as a strategy – as resistance and critique; as release from learned forms of seeing and experiencing.

Taking into account that in many European languages the word “error” in the sense “to stray, err” (from Latin errorem) has a much longer history than the notion of “error” as “failure”, the LCCA Summer School will revisit the various meanings of erring in creative processes and hopes to contribute in restoring the good name of errors. It will turn to such questions as: What is the role of errors and erring in acquiring new knowledge and experiences? In what ways can errors shed light on systems and structures upon which we rely? Which practices of art are located in the zone of systemic errors? Can erring and accidents become a conscious practice?

Lectures and workshops will be given by artists, curators and theoreticians, including artist, critic and writer Travis Jeppesen (ASV/UK), artist Laura Prikule (LV), curator and art critic Paul Clinton (UK), artist and curator Kaspars Groševs (LV), curator and writer Valentinas Klimašauskas (LT), film theoretician Elīna Reitere (DE/LV), film theoretician Rosa Barotsi (GR), publicist Haralds Matulis (LV), art critic and semiotician Indrek Grigor (EE).

Programme curators: Zane Zajančauska, Valts Miķelsons, Inga Lāce un Andra Silapētere.

The LCCA Summer School offers an alternative to the familiar educational system, elaborating on themes that fall outside the interest of academic institutions, offering the participants to play an active role in the process, instead of being passive listeners. The Summer School is interdisciplinary and theoretico-practical, approaching this year’s subject through reading, re-reading and discussion of texts, writing, visual note-taking and thinking workshops.

The Summer School programme will take place in English. The participation is free, however each participant must cover living expenses of 100 EUR (which include accommodation and three meals per day).

Apply to the Summer school by sending in English:
1. Filled in application form which can be downloaded at LCCA web
2. CV
3. Motivation letter
4. Additionally, you may include your creative portfolio, publications, etc.
Application deadline: May 16. Please send your application to:

LCCA Summer School ‘Error?!’ is a part of collaborative project “This is Tomorrow. Back to Basics: Forms and Actions in the Future”. The project is supported by Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Latvia, State Culture Capital Foundation, Cēsis Regional Council.

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