A large-format wall painting by artist Paulis Liepa revealed in Cesis

On July 30, Rucka Art Foundation, within the framework of the urban exhibition “Art Spa”, opened an ambitious work “Kalnu kūre” by artist Paulis Liepa. It is a large-format painting on the wall of an apartment building in Cesis. The painting was made in cooperation with the residents of the building and it is the localization of dialogue windows motif by Paulis Liepa in the town of Cesis. A motif of dialogue windows is often seen in the artist’s works. The conversation bubbles that are visible in the composition include the concepts and messages chosen by the residents of the building, making the painting a bright and attractive reflection of the values of the residents.

The painting combines the language of contemporary art and local community values. During the creation of the work, the residents of the painted building were encouraged to name concepts important to them. The artist Paulis Liepa processed them into graphic signs and included them in the composition of the painting. As a result, concepts that are important to the residents of the building such as Latvian power symbols, Cesis as the birthplace of the Latvian flag, the change of generations, history of the town, culture and a position of being at the crossroads can be seen on the wall of the building in both an easy-to-read and encrypted form. The technical execution of Paulis Liepa’s work with professional facade colors was carried out by Dainis Rudens, and the painting will delight both residents of Cesis and its guests for many years.

“Taking into account the significant ups and downs of the terrain, for an inexperienced traveler any walk through Cesis becomes a serious sporting test. Such a terrain range should include the colorful layers of history experienced and accumulated by the town itself, the clashes of eras and opinions, as well as the delightful ability of these various elements to coexist and give the town its special character. That’s why the work shows both the connection and coexistence of these opposites, as well as the mutual struggle,” artist Paulis Liepa describes the sources of inspiration for the painting.

Paulis Liepa’s large-format work “Kalnu kūre” is a part of the ambitious project “Art Spa” – the art event with traveling elements “Art Spa”, which invites the audience to get to know the surroundings of Cesis through works of art created by six authors and groups of authors, which can be viewed in more than 10 different places in urban environment around the town of Cesis. urban exhibition “Art Spa” takes place until October 10th, and the event’s digital guide www.makslaskure.lv can be used to easily to find the artworks.

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