Ruckas muiza
In autumn 2012 we decided to move out of Riga, the capital city of Latvia, and move to a smaller place. Cesis was a logical destination as Kaspars comes from this region. We were looking for some premises in Cesis to move our studio, and Jānis Rozenbergs who was the vice-mayor of Cesis at that time told us – you know, there is an old manor house in Rucka park, why don’t you have a look at it? We came here, it was a beautiful autumn day and we were fascinated by the place. Yet at the same time it was clear that it is way too big for us. Kaspars called Jānis and said – we are looking for some 80-100 square meters, not 800. But Jānis said – maybe you can think about it.

So we gave it a second thought and decided that it would be a great place for an artist residency. It took us 6 months of thinking whether to go for it and a year of living in the middle of renovation while working at our creative projects but in June 2014 the first event – the summer school of Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art took place. Since then we have hosted students of visual communication, young architects, film directors and cinematographers, photographers and anthropologists.

Our aim was to create a place where we would like to work and where others would like to come and work on their projects. As the summer is again fully booked we think that we have succeeded. Welcome!

Kaspars & Ieva