Rucka Open House

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Rucka invites everyone to spring artist expositions on 26th of May at 7 pm. 
Every Artist in Residence will present their work and all together invite to barbecue evening. You can bring food and beverages of Your choice. 

Evening plan, schedule and starting time may change:
19 – Tail Bend Travel double performance that will take place both in Rucka and Art Gallery in London.
20 – Olliemonsta exhibition with artworks that are made apart from mural. Artist talk about mural in Cesis city.
20:30 – Luuk Smits artist talk about his installations.
21 – Juanan Requena will introduce with his work space and his book in progress.
22 – Dalia Mikonytė and Adomas Žudys introduce “Cesis Study” that is a part of project about the cities of Europe.
“City Studies” is based on photogrammetry – specific form of photography and 3D graphics which connects geographical focus and different multisensorial modalities. Especially for Cesis Study composer Pijus Džiugas Meižis composed music that will be played along 3D tour. 

In the end of evening there will be personal talks with artists in relaxing atmosphere in Rucka garden. 

You are welcome to bring beverages and food for Your own taste, anti mosquito spray will be useful.