Rucka Artist Residency Awards Announced

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We are proud to announce the recipients of scholarships for the Rucka Artist Residency programme for 2016 – 2017. There was remarkable interest in the residency programme and the residency centre received more than 250 proposals from all over the world. After a meticulous evaluation process, the Selection Committee chose six artists who will receive scholarships for two months’ residency funded by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme, and 15 artists who are being offered one-month residency scholarships by Rucka Artist Residency.

The selected artists come from a variety of spheres: film and photography, multimedia, fashion design, performance, drawing, illustration and comic art.

The Nordic-Baltic Mobility programme scholarships are being awarded to Valentyn Odnoviun (Ukraine/Lithuania), Ulvi Haagensen (Australia/Estonia), Zane Cerpina (Latvia/Norway), Stahl Stenslie (Norway), Anna Sörenson (Sweden) and Daniel Rydh (Sweden).

The Rucka Artist Residency scholarships are being awarded to Monika Zabel (Germany/ New York), Irina Popova (Russia/ the Netherlands), Jasper Fry (United Kingdom), Delphine Wibaux (France), Tsveta Stoeva (Bulgaria), Michal Kindernay (Czech Republic), Juanan Requena (Spain), Anne Murray (Spain), Zulema Galeano (Spain), Carol Müller (France), Jérémie Jung (France), Lilli Loge (Germany), Alan Gignoux (United Kingdom), Sarah Younan (United Kingdom) and Jana Vasiljević (Belgium).

We are greatly looking forward to welcoming and hosting the chosen artists!