We’re happy to announce artists for 2019 spring season to work on their projects in Rucka. It was not easy selection.

Out of 51 applications we have selected:

Andrii Dostliev (Poland) during the residency will continue his ongoing visual research on queer identity issues as seen through the vernacular photography editing practices. This research is based on the archive of altered amateur photographs (containing several thousand entries so far, mostly coming from Central and Eastern Europe, catalogued and tagged) which he started assembling in early 2017 and explores the patterns in digital photo alteration and the balance between self-representation and hiding one’s own identity created by these photo alterations.

Sarah Pannell (Australia) is the recipient of the British Journal of Photography’s 2017 Send Anywhere Award. Her project is based on interest in exploring how particular places that are steeped in history, are challenged by both positive and negative impacts of tourism in the 21st century. Her photographic style involves a number of approaches including landscape; both natural and urban, portraiture and observational/street.

Fabienne Forel (France) is going to make poetry of Cesis and create a art book with her creative tools : old process of photography, text poetic, found objects around ( herbs, leafs, old papers, etc…).

MaryAnn Loo (Singapore) and her “The Forgotten Dream Tree” project is a commentary on how we “forget” our dreams by choosing the “easier” and “more convenient” path of following the crowd and the norm, like how we use and discard disposables.

Birta Sveinsdottir (Island) in Rucka is going to do artistic research on archetypes of the wild feminine, angels, idolatry and “criaturas” – the feminine through qualities of animals. Work through a few different mediums; text, photography, performance, video and music, exploring these archetypes, read about witches, wise women, the divine and dark feminine and deities, that many have animalistic qualities or even body parts – that will ascend through the work.

Georgy Elaev (Russia) ) is going to work on his project “Latvia” – a series of graphic stories about Latvia in comics journalism genre. Material will be collected in series of interviews with local artists/journalists and in occasional talks. Project will be presented as an exhibition including a public talk and a workshop – and then collected and published in a book in English and Russian languages.

Kristine Mifsud (Canada) will continue exploring new processes, including self-produced pine tar. She’s  interested in exploring her connection to land, through found objects and self-made materials while questioning notions of materials being ‘exhaustible’ or ‘waste’. She’s  motivated to further derive materials from what already exists, and what exists as ‘spent’ or ‘used’ and relate these explorations to a physical place and time.

We want to thank you all for participation. And hope to see all selected artists in Rucka soon.