Laura Prikule (Latvia) un Andris Indans (Latvia)

Residency time:  04.08. – 05.09.2016.

Residency programme: “Small strategies” 

Laura Prikule works in the fields of  multi-disciplinary installations, performances,  text and  constructed situations. A graduate of  Art Academy of Latvia and San Francisco Art Institute.  She has participated in Contemporary Art festival „Survival Kit”, Supermarket Art Fair (Stockholm), the Poetic Robotism series of projects and exhibitions in the Baltics and Scandinavia, as well as several Black Hole Residencies.


Andris Indans is sound artist, he has been an active musician since the late 80s ;his project Gas of Latvia is one of the most significant experimental electronic music projects from Latvia. Gas of Latvia have recorded and released over 10 studio albums, each of them having a different vibe and sound – switching it up from ambient dub, drone, noise, IDM to industrial music and techno, but still keeping their signature sound. They have had many concerts in Latvia and Europe. Andris Indans is also writing music for films, video works, dance and theatre performances, he has participated in Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2014.


Toms Harjo (Latvia)

Residency time: 15.08. – 15.09.2016.

Residency programme: “Small strategies” 


Toms Harjo (1996) is involved in photography last  two years. He is studing at the International Summer school of Photography. He works as an editorial assistant and videographer at FK Magazine where he is making video series about individual photographers of Latvia. Read more about the artist –

During Rucka Artist Residency „Small strategies” program Toms Harjo created  photo series  „Hidden Guards”. It consists of anonymous  portraits of people who are working behind the scenes of our lives.





Santa Spilberga (Latvia)

Residency time: 15.08. – 15.09.2016.

Residency programme: “Small strategies” 

Santa Spilberga studied photography at Joshibi University of Art and Design in Tokyo, Japan (supported by Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) scholarship 2007-2008), she attended Photography workshop by Andrejs Grants (2009) and participated in Summer school of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (London) and International Summer School of Photography (Latvia). Santa has worked as a photographer at Tokyo Voluntary Action Center in Japan, at magazine „Idealistas” (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and at foundation „Let’s”. Her works has been published in magazines „Fotokvartals”, „Idealistas”(Argentina) and in newspapers „Day”, „Japan Today”, „Japan Times”.




Valentyn Odnoviun (Lithuania/Ukraine)

Residency time: 01.10. – 20.10.2016.

Residency programme: Nordic-Baltic Mobility programme “Culture”  2016-2017 


Valentyn Odnoviun is photographer from Ukraine. For the last three years he lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania. He is involved in photography since 2004. During 2009-2015 he has held 16 personal exhibitions and took part in more than 15 collective exhibitions in Europe and USA. Also as a cancer survivor he has held projects in support of children with cancer in Ukraine and developing project of a free photo school for Lithuanian orphanage. More

Valentyn Odnoviun about residency: “During the first month of stay at Rucka Artist Residency in Cesis, Latvia, I came across traces of Soviet period in this small city. I started to investigate the building where was located KGB prison.The aim for the project that I started to conduct about KGB prison in Cesis, Latvia is to create photographs that would be both documentary and subjective at the same time. Which could embody real traces of events, objects and memories, that will serve as platforms for imagining these events, objects and memories in more interpretative form, highlighting the power of the context to call into being a collective and personal memory of historical events.” Valentyn will come back to Rucka  again in May to continue his project.