We work on film production and photo projects about socially important topics and environmental issues.

Our latest projects are:

2018 – Inga Can Hear (dir.Kaspars Goba)

Inga can hear is a coming-of-age story of a young girl caught between two worlds. The 16-year old Inga is the only hearing member of a deaf family living in the remote Latvian countryside. Since the age of 7, Inga has been the family’s interpreter in the hearing world. Her role in the family has forced her to grow up very quickly and her personality fluctuates between a very responsible young woman and a moody teenager. Inga is dreaming about escaping her role as a family’s interpreter and after graduation from the the elementary school decides to leave her home. But the classmates at the high school in the nearby city do not really welcome her, the family starts falling apart and it seems that Inga’s plan has failed. But then one day the outside world learns that Inga is actually Edward.

2017 – “12 elementi ainavā”

12 documentary TV series about nature conservation theme. Nature has changed since the first Latvian movies were taken. These TV series shows how it was almost 100 years ago and how it looks today. We speak with biology experts to learn what we can do to save these treasures and how to live taking care of what is left.




2016 – Life in Motion

Despite of the on-going cultural cooperation of Baltic and Nordic countries the intercultural dialogue between both countries is still rather undeveloped and available to a limited circle of the society (people working in the areas of art, higher education, science). At the wider society the level of awareness about the life in the other country is still relatively low and based on stereotypes that all Norwegians are rich and Latvians live in the edge of Eastern Europe and goes to Norway to work in low-paid jobs. To dispel stereotypes and make wider picture of ongoing in neighboring country foundation Elm Media cooperating with Bergen International Film Festival (Norway) made an anthropological photo book “Life in Motion”.