In October Rucka hosted photographer Valentyn Odnoviun

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In October  we had our first  guest in Rucka Artist Residency programme  2016 – 2017. We welcomed a photographer Valentyn Odnoviun from Lithuania, one of  the recipient of  the scholarship of Nordic-Baltic Mobility programme.

Valentyn Odnoviun about residency: “During the first month of stay at Rucka Artist Residency in Cesis, Latvia, I came across traces of Soviet period in this small city. I started to investigate the building where was located KGB prison.

The aim for the project that I started to conduct about KGB prison in Cesis, Latvia is to create photographs that would be both documentary and subjective at the same time. Which could embody real traces of events, objects and memories, that will serve as platforms for imagining these events, objects and memories in more interpretative form, highlighting the power of the context to call into being a collective and personal memory of historical events.” Valentyn will come back to Rucka  again in April to continue his project.


Valentyn Odnoviun is photographer from Ukraine. For the last three years he lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania. He is involved in photography since 2004. During 2009-2015 he has held 16 personal exhibitions and took part in more than 15 collective exhibitions in Europe and USA. Also as a cancer survivor he has held projects in support of children with cancer in Ukraine and developing project of a free photo school for Lithuanian orphanage. More