Fire in Rucka Artist Residency

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On Sunday night, 21st of November, a fire broke up at Rucka Artist Residency. Thanks God, here were no people at the building at that moment and we managed to save all the professional video, photo and editing equipment. Today we have set up our temporarily office in the dining hall and continue to work despite everything.

The fire damaged roof constructions on one side of the building and some of the rooms of the second floor, and one side of the first floor was flooded during the rescue works.  Although building is seriously damaged we hope to renovate the building as quickly as possible and to be able to open Rucka residency again to the public in Summer 2017. The good news is that editing room and analogue photo laboratory have not suffered and are functioning. It is possible to follow our progress on renovation process on our Facebook account.

The building is an architectural monument and emergency situation has been announced so that we can start the renovation process right away. We have already consulted architects and restoration experts who could work on the renovation of the roof. The insurance company is working now to evaluate the losses and to calculate the compensation. We are raising donations to cover the expenses while waiting for the insurance premium that will be used to cover the costs of the renovation.