Events in 2017

02.01.- summer Reconstruction works

20.05. Festival  “Vadātājs”

14.07. The Anthropocene Cookbook – Opening patrty @18:00

08.08.  The Anthropocene Cookbook – Presentation and Food performance “Food Utopias and Dystopias” @18:00

12.08. The Anthropocene Feast: Cooking the Last Dragon, Cesis Livonian Castle Garden, @18:00

28.08.- 30.11. Nordic-Baltic Mobility program “Culture” individual residencies



Events in 2016

21.02.- 27.02. New Theatre Institute of Latvia project “Carry On”

27.02. Performance-installation “Carry On”

29.03.- 01.04. Design workshop “Design Jam”

22.05.- 27..05. Cooperation project of students of Alfreds Kalnins’ Cesis Music School and Kuopio Senior High School of Music and Dance 

04.-06.- 05.06. Workshop “Re-entry” for Youth for Understanding students

06.06.- 08.08. International Skola6 workshop “New ideas for old buildings”

11.06.- 16.06. Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art Summer School “Error?!”

22.06.  Bea Johnson’s lecture on Zero Waste lifestyle.

27.06.- 02.07. Alfreds Kalnins’ Cesis Music School project RAPAPRO

24.07.- 07.08. International Summer School of architecture, urbanism and design “Instant”

11.08.- 14.08. Summer School of authors of the Internet magazine

23.08. – 27.08. Final cycle of Theatre Expanded seminars

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